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Essential Discs, Bringing you the Essentials of Disc Sports! The first Disc From Essential Discs will be unveiled and Authorized in July of 2014. If you are interested in acquiring products from Essential Discs Please download and fill out the Account Authorization form. Return all account authorization forms to

People have been wondering what the Honey flys like, well here is a video that says it all! This video was shot by team member Jacob Turner.

Think about the places you go where you are often stuck waiting and all they have is some old outdated and uninteresting magazines to read. Doctor’s office, Auto repair facility, and just about any waiting room you can think of.

So here is the idea, which you have probably already guessed by now. Those wonderful DiscGolfer magazines we all love to get each quarter with our PDGA membership. After you have read through your magazine, take it into your local waiting room and seek permission to leave them behind. If you get permission make sure your contact information is blacked out and leave it in the waiting room for the next future plastic addict to view.

This will allow the general public to start reading more about disc golf and help to cast the sport in a positive light. In addition, high level executives, city managers, and others in a position of leadership and authority have to wait just like everyone else. So when they are sitting in the waiting room and noticing disc golf magazines, maybe they will open the disc golf magazine over the other magazines they normally find there. This could be the next small step to getting major sponsorship for your local disc golf event!

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